Software Developer

Multiple Employers

Software Developer
  • As a Software Developer in Sopra Steria (Madrid), I developed a web-based social networking application for one of the world’s leading providers of mobile content and services
  • As a Software Developer in Technocassa (Italy), I enhanced a catering point of sales application for an Italian business, rapidly contributing to product improvements whilst facing the additional challenge of learning Italian
  • As a Software Analyst in Mecemsa Consultores (Alicante), I worked in a team developing and maintaining sales web applications (mainly in ASP and Visual Basic) for a range of clients including a top Spanish bank. Created a successful VBA application to manage loans
  • As a Web Developer in Grupo Idex (Alicante), I implemented a media company website in ASP whislt collaborating with Web designers
  • As a Web Developer in C. B. Leon Abogados (Alicante), I developed a lawyer firm website which increased business across the region. I also created a .NET (C#) application to track its placement (SEO) in Google with many different keywords