Product Lifecycle: Field Test
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Product Lifecycle: Field Test


  • Field was concerned about performance, scalability, and security issues from previous version

What I did - Enabled field collaboration

  • Test environment: I setup three distinct test environments with different real time data sources and different data
  • Test plan: I created test cases to exhaust surveillance, deployment, and quality workflows
  • Beta workshop: I organized, facilitated, and presented findings (teamspace, 4 days, 30+ on-site & remote participants representing all geography and diverse backgrounds)
  • Survey: I conducted a qualitative survey to gauge product sentiment


  • 219 bug/enhancements reported, of which 189 were resolved (i.e. analyzed, classified, and fixed)
  • 723 cases run, 87% passed
  • Survey showed main quality goals achieved, but work required in next version to strengthen positioning