Strategic Roadmap
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Strategic Roadmap


  • Product strategy developed from market research lacked execution plan and stakeholder alignment

What I did - Built strategic product roadmap

  • Customer-centric research: I exhausted customers’ needs and preferred solutions (i.e., competition) by working closely with customers and experts
  • Domain deep dive: I became a proxy domain expert in record time through extensive research
  • Technology deep dive: I unlocked in-house data scientists and ideated differentiated AI capabilities
  • PRD: I created the requirements’ document based on the custom solution and the research/deep dive
  • Roadmap: I built different versions of the roadmap adapted to different audiences
  • Present: I presented the roadmap to leadership, strategic customers, and internal key stakeholders


  • Achieved stakeholders buy-in and alignment
  • Engaged strategic customers
  • Secured funding for a team of 10+ developers