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Product Manager

Beyond Limits' mission is to create automated solutions with human-like powers of reasoning that amplify the talents and capabilities of people. The company has an exclusive portfolio of AI technology, including software developed for NASA space missions at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (e.g.: software used in the Mars Rover). In this role, I

As a Product Manager, my role is to transform AI solutions into products, as well as to build new products. Products that solve complex challenges in extreme environments through explainable AI. In these scenarios, there’s simply too much at stake to trust the decisions of a machine, with no understanding of the reasoning or the potential risks associated with the recommendations .

In this role, I

  • Got leadership buy-in for pivoting the strategy to shorten delivery by a third and significantly reduced development/deployment cost
  • Transitioned one-off solution to a multitenant SaaS product while leading two teams (20+ devs) and managing client’s expectations
  • Built an expert system with engineers and data scientists
  • Developed success metrics to prove value and earn customer trust
  • Influenced data ingestion architectural decisions to build to scale
  • Built a demo that enabled strategic client engagements while complying with customer data privacy policies
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